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Florida elder abuse financial exploitation

Florida elder abuse financial exploitation

As people age it is rather unfortunate that they fall victim of financial abuse as well as other form of abuse. According to a study by the National Council on aging, about 10 percent of every senior citizen of 60 and above have suffered or are suffering elder abuse. Several form of abuses from theft, financial exploitation with use of legal documents on the elder spells out how mean and dangerous people could become. It has been seen that elder financial abuse could even be carried out with estate documents such as a power of attorney. With the principal unable to make certain decisions for themselves, an individual picked to perform these roles may switch to exploiting or use this to undue advantage. Cases have been recorded with where aged individuals are coerced, forced to give up a part of their estate, change the statement on their last will or even revocable living trust.

Avoid exploitation on your healthcare by getting a Medicaid plan.

Over the years, we have worked with the elderly of all class in Medicaid and long-term care planning. Contrary to what most people think, Medicaid is not something for only the poor. Sometimes people save so much on retirement only to later realize the huge cost of home-health care, assisted living, and skilled nursing home care. The middle and upper middle class who do not qualify for Medicaid are even worse off. They may have to spend down their wealth and wait 5 years before they can qualify for Medicaid benefits.

But our strategies are targeted at making these services affordable and accessible to the elderly regardless of class, and protecting their assets to ensure that they have something to pass on to their surviving loved ones.

Report any elder financial exploitation.  

If you or your loved one who is an elder suffers abuse from anyone, be it a child, relative, or personnel in a home care facility, do not hesitate to contact and report your case to the Florida Department of Elder Affairs any time of the day. On their request, you must give detailed information regarding the abuse and the persons or parties involved. Note that the whole thing is confidential, so you need not worry about the accused knowing and abusing you all the more.

Get help from an elder law attorney

Sadly, the majority of the accused parties of elder abuse cases are the relatives of the elder. According to a report by the Florida Department of Children and Families, the majority of those accused of elder abuse are the children, grandchildren and other relatives of the older adult. This is sad but expected. However, about 2 out of every 10 cases occur in a home facility.

Sometimes, you and your loved one would require more than just investigation, but also legal back up in litigating your elder abuse case, especially when you are going up against a reputable home. Whatever the case is, kindly contact our elder law office to obtain legal help from an elder law attorney.

Key giveaways.

Elder law covers and addresses all legal need of the aged and the elderly, particularly preventing any form of elder abuse.

This legal needs include disability and healthcare planning, guardianship and conservatorship, estate planning and settlement, Medicaid and long term health planning, financial and personal elder abuse. All these elder needs are adequately taken care off by an elder law attorney.

You need an elder law attorney to help solve complex family and personal situations.

Consider the following:

State laws dictates and determine how elder law cases are solved. These laws determine how trust, living will, power of attorney and other elder law documents are created. In most cases, the state law authorizes whom and what can be included in Medicaid and other essential documents. These measures are to prevent any form of financial exploitation and abuse.   As such, it would better to involve an expert who knows all about Florida. Elder law attorney in Florida would guide you through making the right plans and decisions, while also preventing all form of elder abuse.

Certain situation may aggravate elder issues and affect finances. The following cases such as, if you are involved in a second or third marriage, you’ve a disabled minor, you don’t have children or you have minor kids, you are divorced or have estate susceptible to federal and state taxes then you would need an elder law attorney who could also function in estate planning roles.

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